Let’s face it, property taxes and the Douglas County Assessor valuation process is a complete mess.

BUT, as our mothers all taught us, complaining isn’t going to get us anywhere and it definitely won’t lower our taxes.

“The problem at this point is that there is a problem” – Captain Obvious

Thankfully, with a whole lot of personal experience I have developed some extremely successful methods for protesting property valuations and collected them in this quick reference guide.

I have helped hundreds, personally protested successfully a few dozen times, and given advice to thousands of my clients and associates since I started following the blunders of the Assessor’s office years ago.

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There are no secrets in this step-by-step guide.  Just a common sense, fact based approach to help homeowners in any neighborhood all of over Douglas County successfully protest their property tax values.

Stay focused on these tips and try to remove all the emotion wrapped up in this hot topic.  Your wallet or purse will thank me.


Four Critical Areas to Successfully Win a Property Tax Valuation Protest

Clerical: Is the assessor’s online report factually correct?

Carefully review the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, listed amenities on your report found online here www.dcassessor.org


Quality & Condition: Are the descriptions for Quality and Condition accurate?

Supply photos/contractor estimates/insurance claims of any dated, unrepaired, damaged interior or exterior home features


Equalization: Is your assessed value similar to the assessed value of your neighbors?

Research and compare the assessed values of other comparable homes in style, size, and condition your neighborhood as posted online at www.dcassessor.org


Valuation: Do recent sales of comparable homes support your assessed value?

Ask your favorite real estate agent to help provide a list of recent sales

or CLICK HERE to register for a FREE real estate market report for your neighborhood

[vc_column_text]Omaha Property Tax Infographic

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 Tips on Lowering your Douglas County Assessed Property Value

  • A recent appraisal or closing statement from a home purchase or refinance will significantly help your cause.
  • In 2017 the assessor’s office changed their accounting methods for the land portion of a parcel’s value. Unfortunately, there is very little publicly available data to argue against this new calculation.
  • Preliminary assessed values are posted online in January, approved in May, protested in June, and due March and June the following year.
  • Homeowners have until the end of February each year to informally provide the county with details supporting a different value.
  • Homeowners can but do not have to meet face to face with a Douglas County protest referee.
  • Valuation protests are NOT handled by the Douglas County Assessor but by the Douglas County Board of Equalization
  • All protests MUST use the cover sheet and supporting materials
  • Protests can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off to the Douglas County Board of Equalization office here

Douglas County Board of Equalization

Room HO8

1819 Farnam St.

Omaha, NE 68183


Filed online via www.boardofequalization.org

Douglas County Assessor office: 402-444-6734


Brian Carlin is a 20 + year veteran of real estate sales and home improvement with Nebraska Realty.  His newly released blog The Sawdust Stories of a Home Improvement Addict is gaining attention nationwide.  Brian can be reached at 402.630.9760 for real estate sales and speaking engagements.