In general Lauren and I shy away from individual gifts for birthdays and holidays. But, what we do enjoy is finding opportunities to add a little  personal touch to our home now that we’ve recovered from the financial depths of significant mechanical and structural efforts on the house.

In casual conversation a few weeks prior to our September anniversary, Luaren had pointed out a painting in a recent Pottery Barn magazine.  Being the good husband and listener that I am (side note: Men, it does pay to listin sometimes) I took advantage of the not so subtle hint to find some artwork for our blank walls.

The romantic side of me loved the connection of our anniversary to the Pottery Barn matching his and her heron bird paintings.  (Another technical side note:  I am not sure if that is anatomically correct in identifying one as male and the other as female but I figure it adds to the thoughtfullness of the gift)  Another thing I am not postive about is the association of this style of water color painting (especially of birds) as a 50’s modern genre but I want to think it is. Maybe it is because I vaguely recall seeing similar artwork in my grandparents’ home many moons ago. I will have to do more resarch on this.

A pair of water color his and her heron paintings with gold bakdrop on display above our master bed

The romantic in me loves the his and her matching water color heron paintings above our master bed

The only thing I did not like about the paitings was the $800 plus shipping Pottery Barn price tag. It didn’t take me long to find numerous other options online.  My favorite of which was a similar set of heron water colors against a gold backdrop. Lauren loves to add a touch of bling to things so the gold backdrop was spot on.

< You can find the original paintings we liked here…>


<the French Bedroom paitnings we utlimately purchased…>

What a perfect find.  And easy too.  Now all I had to do was click the pay now button and find the nearest currrency exchange bank.  I hadn’t realized until check out that the retail store about to ship my wife her anniversary gift was across the Atlatnic in the UK.  A few emails later and extremely pleasant help from the French Bedroom store owners, the artwork was on the next boat across the Atlantic. (technicality #3: most likely shipped FedEx on a plane but to think boat is so much cooler)

Now the only challenge is where to place them?  Originally, we were thinking above the master bed but the dining room could use a little pick me up as well.

A pair of his and her water color heron paintings sit atop our dining room hutch

A pair of his and her water color heron paintings sit atop our dining room hutch