Hi.  I’m Brian Carlin.  I’m a salesman, and I do homes.

For more than 17 years I have helped Omaha move. I’ve had a front row seat to some of Omaha’s most beautiful, unique, and inspring homes.

Technically my job is to interpret, navigate, and bring home the bacon.  The skills to get that done are as much a science as an art.

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In reality, my job is to get out of the way and let the house take center stage.  Thankfully, most homes only need a fresh perspective, some light to shine in the right places, and a set of tools to broadcast loud and clear.

That is why I created the Viral Home Sale process.  I have researched, collected, and developed a complete home sale system to harness the full capacity of social media.  

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Real estate is more than a for-sale sign.  And this website is more, much more, than a collection of homes for sale.  I’ve been blessed to rub noses with some of Omaha’s best contractors, to understand the hard work it takes to maintain and update a home, and to have a strong appreciation for all things home.  This website is a collection of those experiences that will hopefully help you enjoy your home more.



I helped build my first house when I was 18. Paid for college, first house, and many fishing trips swinging a hammer. I considered law school but got my real estate license instead (smart move self). Bought some homes, fixed them up, and sold them to happy clients. Vists to the closing table occupy most of my time now but I still love the smell of sawdust.

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  •  Multi-Million-dollar producer 8 years running
  • 1 Day Listing Guarantee
  • #3 ranked social media influencer by industry in Omaha
  • Creator Viral Home Sale program



Favorite TV Show: This Old House

Favorite Sports Team: KC Royals

Favorite Restaurant: Greek Islands

Back to back recipient Father of the Year award 2017 & 2018.  4x nominated world’s best husband.  Volun-told church committee chair- 42 years running.  Captain of the Realtor grievance team-north hallway-Nebraska Realty. Work hard. Siesta mucho. Laugh often. Be direct. Love more. #2



Johnathon Q Higgins

The second son of the Duke of Perth, Jonathan Quayle Higgins III held a doctorate in mathematics from Cambridge University and earned the rank of sergeant major serving 37 years unofficially as a member of the British Secret Service to retire as the esteemed caretaker for the eccentric author Robin Masters estate.

Mr. Rogers

Fred McFeely Rogers. Puppeteer. Songwriter. Presbyterian minister. Author. Mr. Rogers showed us that stepping outside and being a good neighbor is the common foundation to every thriving community. A world without Mr. Rogers would be a sad lonely one in deed.

Bob Vila

Before HGTV and the DIY craze there was Bob Vila. The original host for This Old House (1979-1989), Bob exemplifies the can-do attitude powering every you-tube home repair instructional video and smashed finger incident since the popular shows first airing.